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Article Written By: Regency Banqueting

The venue of the wedding is the most important aspect while planning the event. Couples often end up selecting an inappropriate venue, which may act as a spoiler.

Couples getting married in London may easily avert these mistakes by considering few points while finalising Wedding venues in London. They can look through magazines and brochures.

3D Plan

Select the venue first

Many couples book a venue for their prefixed wedding date. They may reverse the procedure and first choose from Wedding venues in London and fix the date later to ensure better options.

Book Early

Merely exploring venues would not be of much use unless an appropriate one is booked. The sooner the decision is made, the better.

Less Travel

It is not a good idea to shift guests from one place to the perfect spot for clicking pictures. Instead, choose a venue, which promises a spectacular background for all wedding pictures.

Some other aspects to consider are:

  • Too Many Invites- Couples may avoid inviting too many people as most of them may not show up. It only restricts the venue options.
  • Alternative Back up- If an outdoor venue is selected, then an indoor back up option may be considered for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Select a venue which has in- house catering.
  • Hire the services of a wedding manager
  • Seat your guests-Considering the diverse needs of guests, arrangements may be made to seat them while dining.

A little thought on the common mistakes may play a major role in making your wedding day the most cherished one.