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Wedding needs a lot of preparation. From getting that perfect wedding attire and jewellery to zeroing down on those perfect shoes, there is a lot of work. From fixing up the parlour appointment to sending out the invitation, a lot of makeover needs to be done. From choosing your bridesmaid to selecting the wedding venue, a lot of effort has to be given. While everything else is a bit easy to manage a selection of wedding venue is a task. Click here to know more.

Why do go for it?

 Because the loopholes in the venue can be observed on the wedding day! Unlike other stuff who allows the comfort of trials wedding venue is not providing us the same blessing. And so it becomes extra important to select the venue carefully. So before you zero down on your venue take a note on the following mistakes, which people usually incur and avoid them like a pro. Regency banqueting suites have wedding venue in North London, who takes care of all the below mentioned details.

  • Decoration

You will love the interior decor of wedding venue in London. You can include other decorative options like the dome ceilings and chandeliers and warm interior colours. That will create the perfect setting for your function.

  • Don’t take too long to book

It’s a great idea to visit many venues before finalising the one for your big day. But at the end you need to finalise one. Most venues will only give limited time to say yes to them. So make your decision quick and book your best venue.

  • Wedding co-ordinator

A wedding co-ordinator ensures whether everything is going as per plans or not. While it is not compulsory to have co-ordinator still you can do all these by your own as well. But we would strongly recommend you to have one. Also many wedding venues have their own in-house co-ordinators whom a client can employ.

  • Food

Food is the second most important thing guests will look forward to after bride and groom. Make sure a wedding venue has in house food caterers so that a fresh food can be served. Ordering a warm food from town will only leave a bad taste and perhaps a bad memory.


Always have an estimation of a number of people you have invited and the probability of their arrival. Only after the calculation of the guest, move forward towards venue selection. If you have a band or DJ, food tables, bar or gift space then you will need to plan out your venue, accordingly.