Outdoor weddings are popular in North London. Most of the brides and groom envision a wedding in a church, a rose garden, beach side or wedding lawn. It is believed that the outdoor wedding locations can help in adding romance in the air if the venue is chosen properly. Those who wish to go for outdoor wedding, generally make a mistake in selecting the right venue. So, it is suggested that prior to finalizing any venue, you should identify your needs and then accordingly search for the right wedding venue.  You can take help from the wedding planners or internet in finding the best outdoor wedding venue to make your wedding a lavished one. It is really not so difficult to find the wedding venues in north London but challenging to pick the right one. Follow this link to get more details.


Benefits of outdoor wedding venue

There are some benefits of outdoor wedding venue over the banqueting suites:

  • It feels really great to enjoy the scenery while enjoying the party. If the wedding venue is at the exotic location, then it is worth organizing the wedding party.
  • Money will be saved on decorations and decor can be kept simple if you do not want it loud.
  • Natural elements like flowers, fountain, greenery etc. are helpful in decorating the venue.
  • Catering will be easy.
  • One can easily make changes in the decorations and the arrangement of the furniture according to their choice.

One of the most important benefits is that it is really cheaper to hire the outdoor wedding venue than to book a banquet for a wedding.