Planning a perfect wedding is not easy task. It involves various aspects such as catering, decoration, music and selecting the venue. Deciding the venue is the most important factor to be considered in planning a wedding, especially for couples looking to get married in London.

There are numerous options of wedding venues in north London and couples can book the one that perfectly suits their requirements. Click here for more information.


Before booking, couples may evaluate the wedding venues in north London on certain parameters. Evaluation may be done by checking the suitability of the venue against their individual requirements.

Some points to consider

  • Compatibility of the venue with the wedding theme.
  • The number of people the venue can accommodate.
  • Availability of a wedding manager.
  • Availability of furniture and crockery.
  • Catering services.
  • Seated dining option at the venue.
  • Check whether the venue has a fixed menu or provides options.
  • Check if the venue has a valid license for alcohol consumption.
  • The time restrictions for serving alcohol.
  • Number of staff and their dress code.
  • Fix a meeting with the venue manager.
  • Space and arrangement for entertainment options.
  • Availability of light and sound system.
  • Decoration arrangements
  • Parking space
  • Is the venue disabled friendly?
  • Check the booking, cancellation and postponement policies.
  • Secure insurance and a written contract of your booking.

A check of the above mentioned parameters help immensely in selecting the most appropriate venue for your wedding day.