Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Your Wedding Venue


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Finding a wedding venue is not an easy task by any means. You will want only the best place for celebrating the big day with your friends and family members.

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These days, you can easily find the listings of the best venues online. For example, if you are looking for a wedding venue in North London, then you can use online directories to find information on all the best venues, in and around your area.

Once you narrow down on the best wedding venue in North London that meets your needs and budgets, then make sure you visit the place in person before finalizing the deal.

Now, we shall check out the common mistakes that people make while hiring the venues, so that you can avoid them while choosing one for you wedding ceremony.

Taking Long Time to Select a Venue:

Ideally you must book your venue at least 4-6 months in advance. Even if your event is planned for off-season, it still makes sense to book the venue in advance. You can ask for discounted prices by going for early bookings.

If you leave it for the last minute, there are chances of you not getting the desirable venue. Even if you do manage to get it, you will have to pay premium costs for hiring it.

No Plan B:

During the summers, weddings can be arranged in outdoor venues. If you don’t find the desirable closed venues, then you can go outdoor venues. However, this option will not be feasible for monsoon weddings, because rains can play a spoil sport and ruin your event.

Parking Issues:

It is equally important to find a venue that offers adequate parking space for your vehicles, and to the vehicles of your guests. If you don’t consider this aspect while hiring your venue, then it could lead to chaos and confusions during your wedding day. Contact us to get full enquiry.


Rock Your Weeding By Hiring A Wedding Planner


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Wedding is the most special day of any groom and bride. They wait for this moment since a long time and finally when it comes they become nervous and start getting stressed. The stress is not about getting married, but it is about the wedding day. Every couple has some desires and dreams and they fulfill it on their wedding day. They want their wedding location to be perfect and not only the location, but other things also like from their wedding dresses to return gifts, everything has to be perfect.


So, if you are also planning to get married and are suffering from the same tension, then you can take the help of wedding planners. They are the professionals and help you in making your wedding an everlasting memory. They make your special day more special by arranging an outstanding wedding venue and decorating it in accordance to the theme of the wedding. You can hire them and allow them to take care of the arrangements and enjoy your wedding. Contact us to get full enquiry.

Benefits of hiring wedding planners

  • They are expert in their work and have years of experience so they put their best effort because their reputation is on stake.
  • They have various ideas with them which can bring charm in your party and can make it more memorable.
  • They help you in deciding your wedding dresses and help you in selecting the best one.
  • They make sure that all your dreams come true and you will get the best wedding that you would never have seen.

Know How Booking Of Banquet Suites Can Be Beneficial For You


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Wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences of your life and it comes only once in your life. So, it is necessary that you should do all the special things so as to make that day become more memorable. There are many things that you need to do on your wedding day, one of them is booking of venue. This is one of the most important tasks and it should be done some weeks before the marriage.  Along with it there are many other things that you have to consider before the actual day arrives.

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While choosing any venue you must know how many guests are invited. In case if you are having many guests, then you can go for banqueting suite. They are much bigger in size and have the capability of holding thousand’s of guests. These days many wedding couples prefer these suites because they provide you privacy and they can be easily changed in your desired theme. They are best for catering, dancing and drinking. The services provided by the banquet owner are highly appreciable which you will never forget your entire life. Before booking, you must assure that venue is available on your wedding date.

There are different types of suites that you can book for wedding such as for formal, informal and semi formal. They all are meant for different purposes, but in case of wedding informal banquets are best and effective. They are best for buffet system or floating system where you can enjoy your food. Contact us to more about us.

Benefits of booking banquet suite

There are many benefits of booking banquets suites such as they are spacious, well floored and well maintained. Following are some other advantages of booking these suites:

Experienced staff members: The staff members of banquet hall are well mannered and qualified. They know how to look after their guests and what should be done to keep them happy and satisfied. They have proper knowledge regarding all these things and with years of experience they know how to impress their clients.

Best for lodging: There are many relatives that come from other city or town to attend your wedding. So, before any function starts they need to take rest and want some place where they can keep all their baggage. By having a banquet suite, this problem can be solved as along with hall, they also provide you well furnished rooms where your guests can rest for some time and can get ready for the ceremony.

Creative décor and decoration: The décor of the suites are modern, classy and fit best for your ceremony. In fact, you can also change them according to your requirement. They have their own decoration staff that will do all the changes and will transform the entire hall in your desired theme. They have many beautiful decoration pieces with them and they also have tables, linens and chairs of different designs.

Well equipped and modern amenities: The banquet suites are well equipped with all the necessary and modern amenities. They have all the necessary machines and devices through which you can do something interesting in your wedding.

Planning The Perfect Wedding- Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting The Venue


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Article Written By: Regency Banqueting

The venue of the wedding is the most important aspect while planning the event. Couples often end up selecting an inappropriate venue, which may act as a spoiler.

Couples getting married in London may easily avert these mistakes by considering few points while finalising Wedding venues in London. They can look through magazines and brochures.

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Select the venue first

Many couples book a venue for their prefixed wedding date. They may reverse the procedure and first choose from Wedding venues in London and fix the date later to ensure better options.

Book Early

Merely exploring venues would not be of much use unless an appropriate one is booked. The sooner the decision is made, the better.

Less Travel

It is not a good idea to shift guests from one place to the perfect spot for clicking pictures. Instead, choose a venue, which promises a spectacular background for all wedding pictures.

Some other aspects to consider are:

  • Too Many Invites- Couples may avoid inviting too many people as most of them may not show up. It only restricts the venue options.
  • Alternative Back up- If an outdoor venue is selected, then an indoor back up option may be considered for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Select a venue which has in- house catering.
  • Hire the services of a wedding manager
  • Seat your guests-Considering the diverse needs of guests, arrangements may be made to seat them while dining.

A little thought on the common mistakes may play a major role in making your wedding day the most cherished one.

Important Factors That Can Help You Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding


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Article Written By: Regency Banqueting

Wedding is the most important occasion in a person’s life. Engaged couples often make all possible efforts to make the day a memorable one. One of the most important considerations regarding the wedding is choosing the venue.

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Factors to consider while choosing wedding venues

Wedding venues are of various kinds ranging from fancy hotels, barns, urban rooftops, gardens, bistros and many more. North London offers various venues that can cater to specific requirements of married couples. You can choose a wedding venue in North London as per your requirements and budget. The following aspects may be considered while choosing a suitable venue:

Choosing the style

Choosing a wedding venue depends on the preferred style. Couples may have different visions and perceptions regarding the type of wedding venues. Determining the style can help you choose a wedding venue in North London that matches your personality and preference.

Deciding the season

While most weddings take place during the summer months, a number of people have also started preferring the winter and autumn months for the same. The season in which the wedding is to be held plays a major role in deciding the venue. For weddings in winters, venues that offer comfort may be chosen. However, while choosing venues it is advisable to book dates in advance as most venues are booked during the peak season.

Ascertain the budget

The budget forms an important consideration while choosing wedding venues. It is hence advisable to ascertain the total cost involved in booking a particular venue. The cost of booking various venues may vary according to location. It is hence important to choose a location that fits within the budget.

Expected number of guests

While choosing wedding venues it is important to ascertain the total number of guests invited to the wedding and whether the venue is large enough to accommodate the total number of invitees. Selecting a venue which fails to accommodate the expected number of guests may cause unnecessary hassles.

Seek answer to questions

While choosing venues couples are advised to seek answers regarding the following aspects:

  • The furniture and the crockery provided.
  • The other costs like service fees, gratuities, taxes and rental fees involved.
  • The number of staff at the venue.
  • The kind of food and beverages the venue offers to serve.
  • Whether the venue allows bringing your own caterers.

Choosing the right venue is important in order to ensure a good wedding. It is hence advisable for couples to consider certain essential factors while making a choice.

Avoid These Wedding Venue Hiring Mistakes


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Wedding needs a lot of preparation. From getting that perfect wedding attire and jewellery to zeroing down on those perfect shoes, there is a lot of work. From fixing up the parlour appointment to sending out the invitation, a lot of makeover needs to be done. From choosing your bridesmaid to selecting the wedding venue, a lot of effort has to be given. While everything else is a bit easy to manage a selection of wedding venue is a task. Click here to know more.

Why do go for it?

 Because the loopholes in the venue can be observed on the wedding day! Unlike other stuff who allows the comfort of trials wedding venue is not providing us the same blessing. And so it becomes extra important to select the venue carefully. So before you zero down on your venue take a note on the following mistakes, which people usually incur and avoid them like a pro. Regency banqueting suites have wedding venue in North London, who takes care of all the below mentioned details.

  • Decoration

You will love the interior decor of wedding venue in London. You can include other decorative options like the dome ceilings and chandeliers and warm interior colours. That will create the perfect setting for your function.

  • Don’t take too long to book

It’s a great idea to visit many venues before finalising the one for your big day. But at the end you need to finalise one. Most venues will only give limited time to say yes to them. So make your decision quick and book your best venue.

  • Wedding co-ordinator

A wedding co-ordinator ensures whether everything is going as per plans or not. While it is not compulsory to have co-ordinator still you can do all these by your own as well. But we would strongly recommend you to have one. Also many wedding venues have their own in-house co-ordinators whom a client can employ.

  • Food

Food is the second most important thing guests will look forward to after bride and groom. Make sure a wedding venue has in house food caterers so that a fresh food can be served. Ordering a warm food from town will only leave a bad taste and perhaps a bad memory.


Always have an estimation of a number of people you have invited and the probability of their arrival. Only after the calculation of the guest, move forward towards venue selection. If you have a band or DJ, food tables, bar or gift space then you will need to plan out your venue, accordingly.

Options That You May Opt For Regarding The Wedding Venue


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The importance of choosing the right venue for your wedding is immense as it helps in keeping the guests interested in the party. There are various pleasing to eye venues in the city of London and as such, you shall not have many problems in choosing the right venue for your special day. Here are some of the suggestions which you might like to incorporate while choosing the venue for your wedding:

Choose a venue by the riverside:

There are some well known North London wedding venues that are located on the riverside and can make your wedding ceremony so very special. The cool breeze and impeccable scenery on the riverside binds the guests and gives you a bit of refreshing flavour to make your wedding functions one to remember for. Contact us to know more.

There are also certain other things that you need to keep in mind such as the guest capacity, quality of decorations which also has a telling impact on the quality of ceremony.

Go for an open stadium:

Having your wedding ceremony in a banquet has become quite common now and if you are looking to make your wedding ceremony a unique one, then you must look to book an open stadium and have the ceremony under the moonlight which will give it a different dimension. You must be watchful about the season you are looking to get married in as the rainy season may not be a very good idea if you are choosing an open hall as the wedding venue.

Checklist For Perfect Wedding Planning


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Wedding planning is a lengthy and stressful process as it involves several aspects to consider. Everyone wants to make their wedding function the most memorable one. For this, they start planning before a month or two from wedding day. With advance planning, you can reduce your burden and workload on the wedding day. Wedding Planning involves determining what things you have to do for the wedding and for making your wedding function the most memorable day for you and your life partner.


While planning for your wedding function, you have to prepare a checklist that includes the following-

  • Planning budget – The most important part of wedding planning is to estimate the cost and making a budget for wedding function. You have to consider different things for estimating how much money you may have to spend for wedding function such as wedding decoration expense, catering expense, wedding dress and makeup expense, deciding wedding venue and many more.
  • Selecting the venue – Another important part of wedding planning is to find and select the wedding venue of your choice. In North London, you can find different wedding lawns and party halls. You can choose whichever wedding venue in North London you and your partner like. You have to book it in advance otherwise it will be very difficult to book the wedding venue during the last week before the wedding.
  • Preparing guest list – During wedding planning, you have to make a guest list. For this task, you should consult your life partner and family members so that you will not miss out any guest. If you want to throw a grand wedding party at a grand location to make your wedding occasion memorable, you can invite as many guests as you want so that everyone can be a part of your happiness on the biggest day of your life.


  • Wedding dress – The most exciting part of wedding planning and preparations is selecting a wedding dress. You can choose whichever wedding outfit you like. You can even hire a fashion designer to design your wedding dress if you want to look most gorgeous on your wedding day. You can consult your friends and partner for choosing the best wedding dress for you.
  • Wedding decorations – You have to decide how much you can spend on wedding decorations. Accordingly, you can book the wedding decorators in advance so that you will get the best wedding decorations at your wedding venue.
  • Wedding car hire – As per your choice and budget, you can hire your wedding car. You can hire a limo or a vintage car for your wedding. You have to contact the car hire company in advance to avoid last time mess and wedding disaster.
  • Hire a videographer and photographer – For capturing all the wonderful moments of your wedding ceremony, you have to contact the videographer or photographer some weeks before your wedding.
  • Meet caterers – Choose the catering company that provides best catering services and food items for your wedding function.


Have A Cherishing Experience In Outdoor Weddings


Outdoor weddings are popular in North London. Most of the brides and groom envision a wedding in a church, a rose garden, beach side or wedding lawn. It is believed that the outdoor wedding locations can help in adding romance in the air if the venue is chosen properly. Those who wish to go for outdoor wedding, generally make a mistake in selecting the right venue. So, it is suggested that prior to finalizing any venue, you should identify your needs and then accordingly search for the right wedding venue.  You can take help from the wedding planners or internet in finding the best outdoor wedding venue to make your wedding a lavished one. It is really not so difficult to find the wedding venues in north London but challenging to pick the right one. Follow this link to get more details.


Benefits of outdoor wedding venue

There are some benefits of outdoor wedding venue over the banqueting suites:

  • It feels really great to enjoy the scenery while enjoying the party. If the wedding venue is at the exotic location, then it is worth organizing the wedding party.
  • Money will be saved on decorations and decor can be kept simple if you do not want it loud.
  • Natural elements like flowers, fountain, greenery etc. are helpful in decorating the venue.
  • Catering will be easy.
  • One can easily make changes in the decorations and the arrangement of the furniture according to their choice.

One of the most important benefits is that it is really cheaper to hire the outdoor wedding venue than to book a banquet for a wedding.

How To Select The Perfect Wedding Venue – Your Questions Answered



Planning a perfect wedding is not easy task. It involves various aspects such as catering, decoration, music and selecting the venue. Deciding the venue is the most important factor to be considered in planning a wedding, especially for couples looking to get married in London.

There are numerous options of wedding venues in north London and couples can book the one that perfectly suits their requirements. Click here for more information.


Before booking, couples may evaluate the wedding venues in north London on certain parameters. Evaluation may be done by checking the suitability of the venue against their individual requirements.

Some points to consider

  • Compatibility of the venue with the wedding theme.
  • The number of people the venue can accommodate.
  • Availability of a wedding manager.
  • Availability of furniture and crockery.
  • Catering services.
  • Seated dining option at the venue.
  • Check whether the venue has a fixed menu or provides options.
  • Check if the venue has a valid license for alcohol consumption.
  • The time restrictions for serving alcohol.
  • Number of staff and their dress code.
  • Fix a meeting with the venue manager.
  • Space and arrangement for entertainment options.
  • Availability of light and sound system.
  • Decoration arrangements
  • Parking space
  • Is the venue disabled friendly?
  • Check the booking, cancellation and postponement policies.
  • Secure insurance and a written contract of your booking.

A check of the above mentioned parameters help immensely in selecting the most appropriate venue for your wedding day.